Youth Drop In Center

ACQC’s new LGBT HOMELESS YOUTH DROP IN CENTER provides a safe, supportive space for homeless LGBT and at-risk youth, age 13-24, with services that empower you to improve your life.

FIND SUPPORT: From immediate needs, like a hot shower and a hot meal, to long term needs, like a place to live – we can help you see your needs, set goals and reach them!

Everyone has challenges, and our mission is to help you understand yours and feel supported. Our programs and workshops are designed to give you skills to get beyond your challenges and have a positive, productive, and independent life.

Our Education services can help you:

  • find a Transfer School & TASC program,
  • prepare for your GED or apply for college,
  • file FAFSA,
  • and

  • learn educational computer applications.

Our Job Readiness services can help you:

  • find jobs, job fairs or internships,
  • learn new skills,
  • create a resume, and
  • get ready for interviews.

Our staff can also help you with referrals to immigration and legal services, our food pantry and we also provide group creative arts and recreational activities.

When you have more urgent needs, like medical and mental health care, PReP/PEP, sexual health and HIV testing, or alcohol and substance use counseling, we can help you get those services, too.

FIND FRIENDS: The Center is a safe space, so you’ll find friends here that get it and get you.

FIND YOURSELF: and make a change. All our services are confidential and free of charge.

CALL US at 718-472-9400 or just DROP IN Monday-Friday, from 9am–5pm.