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The ACQC Housing Department provides assistance to people who are homeless, precariously housed or at-risk for homelessness, and are living with HIV/AIDS.  This includes: those facing eviction, or living in SROs, transitional housing, shelters, inadequate housing conditions, and places unfit for human habitation. We locate and offer access to independent, permanent housing in the community, and provide home and office-based supportive services to assist with housing stability, access to medical care, and independent living.

Our work affirms what numerous studies have shown — that stable housing is the cornerstone of HIV/AIDS treatment, allowing people who are living with HIV/AIDS to access comprehensive healthcare, adhere to specific drug therapies, and improve their quality of life.  Our programs assist single individuals and families in Queens; referrals from other boroughs are also accepted. While our target is to locate affordable housing in Queens, apartments in Brooklyn and the Bronx may also be secured.

We have 9 individual programs:

Five (5) Scattered Site, Supportive Housing Programs for individuals, and sometimes families, who are additionally struggling with mental illness and/or substance use, or have recently been released from prison/jail. The programs provide support services, counseling and groups to assist clients to reach their self-defined independent living goals including connection to and compliance with medical care.

Two (2) Housing Placement Assistance Programs for individuals and families who need independent housing in the community. The program locates and secures permanent housing for clients and ensures they are connected and adherent with medical care. For those who require a higher level of care, supportive housing can be accessed. Referrals are also made within ACQC or to others CBOs to meet additional client needs.

The Transitional Housing Program for single individuals provides a room and support services for up to six months, and assists with relocation to permanent housing. The program assists clients to access mental health care, harm reduction or substance treatment, and other needed services. Referrals to the program are directly from HASA.

The Enhanced Supportive Housing Services Program promotes the important connection between housing stability and medical compliance. Clients who are at risk of homelessness can be supported and referred for housing placement, or provided with advocacy to assist with apartment improvements, better landlord-tenant relations and independent living skills.

If you are in need of housing, want more information about our Housing Programs, or are a broker/landlord interested in renting your vacant apartments, please contact our Director of Housing at 718-896-2500, or at [email protected]

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