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ACQC JOINS PROTEST at United Nations

Learn more: read the press release from AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Congratulations New Director of Housing, Rahjene Hicks

June 2018: Rahjene Hicks began her career 19 years ago in the field of social services. She worked in Adolescence Substance Abuse as a Substance Abuse counselor within the foster care system; and later on began her work as a COBRA Case Manager. She continued to grow in the field and later became a Social Worker in a local middle school where she started a Violence Prevention Program.
In 2006, Rahjene became the Director of a senior center where she brought awareness of HIV/AIDS to the elderly community. During her tenure of working with the elderly population, Rahjene spent countless hours as a volunteer, delivering meals to the elderly and disabled. In 2011, due to the lack of funding the Senior Center was closed. During this time, Rahjene applied for and was hired to work at the ACQC Transitional Housing Program as a Housing Specialist/Case Manager. Subsequently, Rahjene enrolled in Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare, where she earned a Masters in Social Work. In 2014, Rahjene was promoted to Licensed Social Worker within the Transitional Housing Program. Rahjene was subsequently promoted to Program Coordinator for two housing programs. Effective June 1st, 2018, Rahjene assumed the position of Director of Housing. In this capacity she will oversee 8 housing programs funded by HOPWA, HASA and PHS.



LGBT Center in Woodside to Launch Multi Service Youth Drop In Program Today

May 18, 2018 continue reading

LGBT Youth Drop-In Center opens in Woodside

by Jennifer Khedaroo

May 25, 2018  When Rosemary Lopez was 14 and attending Catholic school on Long Island, she came out. As an LGBT youth, she experienced a tremendous amount of bullying. continue reading


LGBTQ Health: Aiming To End Health Disparities

June 04, 2018 As Queens’ LGBTQ population continues to grow, particularly among youths, the need to eliminate LGBTQ health disparities is growing even more urgent, community leaders said.

Among the major issues that LGBTQ people face when seeking healthcare in Queens are medical doctors’ not addressing them by the appropriate pronoun, not asking whether they are LGBTQ and not being educated on transgender-specific needs. continue reading